Carl Alexander


Back in 2015 I met Frits Veerman, the whistleblower of Abdul Khan when he handed me this note with his website about the nuclear spy Khan. He worked for Khan at VMF-Stork in Almelo where he stole nuclear information which he later sold to different countries in the middle-east. I found out that the intelligence service were informed about the espionage of Khan but the CIA insisted them to let him continue his activities so they could track him better. I couldn’t get a grip on this story and so I decided to focus on the weapon industry with stock prices jumping up after terrorist attacks, banks investing in cluster munition, cyber-war and child soldiers. The Dutch government refused to intervene when in the 1970s nuclear spy Abdul Quadir Khan came to our country to steal nuclear information. Worse still, ministers deliberately allowed this spy to do his work for Urenco in the town of Almelo, specializing in uranium enrichment. It was in part the information collected by Kahn on the ultracentrifuge that made it possible for Pakistan to develop an atomic bomb. The necessary knowledge was later sold by Khan to Libya and Iran – even to North Korea, countries where even then extremists with a deep hatred of the West were in power. These are countries that will be willing to distribute this atomic information to who knows what jihadist factions.” (source)